City of Huntleigh
History of the City of Huntleigh, Missouri

Nestled between Ladue, Frontenac and Kirkwood, Huntleigh is a residential community of just over 100 families. A quiet, almost country like atmosphere, in the heart of St. Louis County.

Some of the earliest records indicate that Stephen Maddox, born in the 1770s in Virginia and migrated here in the early 1800s, acquired 652 acres covering most of what is now the City of Huntleigh. An early newspaper article noted that the Oregon Trail had once run through the property. Most of the property stayed in the Maddox family until the 1870s following the death of Stephen's wife Sarah.

Modern day Huntleigh commenced when Edward E. Bakewell, Sr. purchased the 125 acre Waltenspiel estate in 1925. Other prominent St. Louisians, including Percy Orthwein, Charles Brown, Louis Hager, Lewis Apple, John Strauch and the von Gontards soon followed. The Village of Huntleigh was incorporated in June 1929. The village encompassed 480 acres and had thirteen residents. The village expanded in 1937 and again in 1947 when, with the annexation of Huntleigh Woods, the city reached its current size of 750 acres.

Our topography, consisting of rolling hills, forest like woods and meadows proved perfect for riding horses. Bakewell and August A. Busch, Sr. founded the Bridlespur Hunt, a fox-hunting club, on Squires Lane in 1927. Club members later put a steeplechase course where Plaza Frontenac now stands. Bridlespur was suspended during World War II and never brought back to life in Hunteigh. Club hunts moved to St. Charles County. To this day, however, several Huntleigh residents maintain stables.

Entirely residential, Huntleigh has no commercial or industrial development; just homes -- plus a farm or two. The City is one of the 89 municipalities of St. Louis County, Missouri.